Use Xilinx ZCU board as USRP X410

Actually, I am planning to buy Xilinx ZCU board, so I will use it as USRP X410(SDR). But don’t have idea that ZCU board will support or function as USRP.

Hello yattisingh123 ,

Unfortunately, this board does not inherently function as USRP.

Yes Xilinx ZCU board do not have inherent features of USRP but can be do cloning USRP in it or any how can we convert it into USRP

Hi @yattisingh123 ,

You would need external hardware/software, and experiment to see what board would work best for your application as I don’t have readily available documentation for this type of application.

You may want to look around our USRP dev boards (click here) to see if there is one that will work in conjunction with your application.

Otherwise, @RobertCNelson may be able to provide further information, unfortunately he is currently out of office for business reasons for about a week. I did also ping our product manager on this, to see if they would be able to provide any solution options and I will let you know their response. This may take a few days up to a week depending, especially with Robert out of office. thanks for your patience in advance!

Hi @yattisingh123 ,

Here is the response from our product manager:

Here is a “stackoverflow” forum for a typical 104 USRD port ; not sure if that helps:

Not sure if this is the same customer or not .

Quite an open ended question; in the interest of keeping this short I will try and address some cliff notes.

ZCU in general can be any platform from AMD/Xilinx, from the simple ZCU102, 104, 106….to the behemoth ZCU670 which comes with hardened RFSoC. And really any daughter board with say FMC, PMOD, or typical interface will connect.

That is the short answer. But when it comes to USRP open source, you can certainly upload a bit stream and configure the FPGA fabric however you want, as long as you can meet timing it will work; this is barring any issues you may have with physical connections for higher speed RF, where you may need to special considerations to avoid signal loss.

USRP is open source and developed from an NI company, so if using AMD products, you may need to use VITIS, and as long as you do not need SYS GEN aka DSP functionality, you may be able to use the free web pack version of VIVADO which inherently gets you access to VITIS allowing for things like Python use and such.

The drawback to using the full blown RFSoC features via ZCU670 is the price; EK-U1-ZCU670-V2-G (or EK-U1-ZCU111-G) which is about 14k (11k) USD. Which is probably more suited for those building out a robust wireless base stations, than the typical USRD users are intending. Whereas EK-U1-ZCU106-G is sub 4k USD. Either way the ZCU platform is a bit spendy, but offers the ease of ARM use, with FPGA fabric for say USRD or something. Robert may be able to give you more specifics, when he arrives back in the office

If you have more questions on the ZCU platform specifically or VIVADO/Vitis IDE, let me know.