Programmable LED strips via ethernet/usb with API

Hi, we would like to create an application on a PC (API) that will control LED strips, for example, via an ethernet/usb cable. Is there anyone who can advise me on which setup to use? I can’t find a controller that can do this.
Thank you

As an electronic component wholesaler we do not have a lot of options for doing this with an off the shelf, so to speak turnkey solution. We have the parts you’d need to build this.

Microcontrollers, which need to be programmed, list their features, you’d be looking for Ethernet functionality in the Connectivity category. Microcontrollers with native USB connectivity are more common.

The quickest way to get started would be to get a 5V variant like an Arduino Uno and some LED strips with individually addressable like the WS2812 leds, what some call NeoPixels to get started.

Here is a user guide for Neopixel addressable leds.

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