Programming Flash DF2134BFA20V?

Hi Guys, what is the procedure to programming this MCU?



The term “programming” can have different meanings to different people and in different contexts; would you mind clarifying what specifically you’re asking?

Also, it appears that the device is not recommended for new designs, and is no longer supported for new customers. Absent a need to use this device specifically, selection of a different device would be recommended.

Hi Rick, thanks for answer.

Specifically program to flash this MCU as with the STM32 flashed for example with Hex files, I don’t know how this MCU works exactly but I would like to understand how to implement a file such as STM32

Okay, follow along here…

When searching for, DF2134BFA20V , we find…

This is an old part from 2005, so it doesn’t have the ease of flashing loading like the STM32 family…

From this, we discover it’s real model is… “H8S/2134B”

Stick that into this document:

So we need… E8a | Renesas