Programming PUI's Programmable Indicator

PUI’s Programmable indicator allows you to program any WAV or MP3 file via USB from any windows based computer. Indicators with a date code of 16A or newer can handle a 130 second file. Previous models were limited to 33 seconds. These can be reprogrammed multiple times and the volume can be controlled by file programming. If power is supplied continuously the sound will repeat. API-4260-LW150-2-R

Connect the API-4260-LW150-2-R to any computer (Window, Linux, or Mac) and simply drag-anddrop mono audio files the same as you would a USB flash drive. (per datasheet

To download the sound file you will need a usb to mini USB cable. PUI suggests their API-Cable part 668-1214-ND, however any 2.0 A to MiniB cable will work.