Protection to avoid power cord jacket wear and tear

I’m using an outdoor-rated cabtire (18 AWG) to use as a power cord with an outdoor-rated plug. However, due to some strain when unplugging and reconnecting the plug several times the strain on the cord tore the thin jacket, as can be seen in this photo.
Is there any protective material, wrap, jacket or other technique to avoid this from happening?

Hi @Shavazo ,

Thank you for contacting DigiKey TechForum. You may be able to take that plug apart, wire the wires shorter inside the housing and use the internal strain relief inside the housing to clamp around the wire jacket. If it is not a tight fit around the cable, for a quick fix you can use electrical tape or adhesive lined heat shrink tubing around the cable to snug it up or possibly some “goop” glue. Other than that you may want to purchase a new electrical end with a better strain relief from DigiKey or your local hardware store.

Guessing that is a NEMA 5-15R (Receptacle standard 120v) here are a few options to consider, please review datasheet specifications before ordering to make sure they will work for your application.