PTSolns ESP Master Key

The ESP Master Key 4272-PTS-00099-201-ND breakout board from PTSolns, is a unique board that allows you to connect a range of common ESP32 development boards to a breadboard. The Master Key narrows down the pins of the microcontroller to a smaller footprint on the central line of the breadboard. The smaller footprint allows for cleaner connections and the ability to add more components.

The ESP Master Key has two 2 X 20 Pin footprints, one on either side of the board. With the use of female header pins, these footprints allow for three different widths of microcontrollers to be interfaced. At the narrowest width, the ESP Master Key has a spacing of 8 times the standard pitch of 2.54 mm (0.1 in). At the intermediate width, the board has a spacing of 9 times the standard pitch. At the widest width, the board has a spacing of 10 times the standard pitch. All three width configurations are identified below which will help to ensure your board will be compatible.

Recommended Components

PTSolns has provided a recommended components list for their boards. These boards are not restricted to these components only and can be crossed if needed.

2x20 Pin Female Header – The PPTC202LFBN-RC from Sullins Connector Solutions

1x40 Pin Male Header – 61304011121 from Wurth Elektronik

More information can be found on the ESP Master Key datasheet.

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