PTSolns Proto-Full and Proto-Half

Breadboards as you may know are boards where you can plug and play with circuits and can use over and over. Convenient for testing circuits and fixing mistakes but should never be the final product.

Prototyping boards are boards you can build a circuit without having to design a special board. Includes the soldering and with the basic boards you must make the connection yourself with solder. Most consider this the next step after breadboarding. With these being soldered they can be used in more permanent situations.

PTSolns provides a combination board that has features of a breadboard and the perfboard in one. These prototyping boards have rows of five holes electrically connected in a repeating pattern, similar to the breadboard, through which the user solders the circuit components. This solves the issue of having to spend a lot of time and solder to bridge multiple holes together. The boards include positive and negative power rails, as well as a central rail that run along the length of the board. This is also a solution if you do not want to design a specific board. Below is a breakdown of the Proto-Full 4272-PTS-00075-201-ND

– Silkscreen printing on both sides

– Several power rails that can be connected in different configurations

– Multiple ways to power the board (screw terminal or female power jack)

– Separate groundable mounting holes

PTSolns also provides a half board size for smaller area: Proto-Half 4272-PTS-00079-201-ND

Recommended Components

PTSolns has provided a recommended components list for their boards. These boards are not restricted to these components only and can be crossed if needed with endless possibilities.

Female Power Jack – The EJ503A power jack from MPD (Memory Protection Devices)

Screw Terminal – The 282834-2 terminal block from TE Connectivity

1x40 Pin Male Header – The 61304011121 from Wurth Elektronik

Jumper Cap – The 861410021H12LF from Amphenol ICC

PTSolns recommend M3 size standoffs for the mounting holes, click here for a list of available M3 standoffs which you can find various styles for your needs.

PTSolns does a great job breaking down these boards in their datasheets: Proto-FullProto-Half

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Very nice system, I’ll definitely buy these for breadboard prototypes that need long run tests.

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