PUI AI-2429-TWT-12V-2-R Dimensional Data


For PUI Audio PUI AI-2429-TWT-12V-2-R (Digikey P/N 668-1223-ND), is it possible to get the following dimensional info:

  1. tolerance on the pin diameter
  2. Wash tab diameter
  3. Distance from the center of the wash tab to the center of the sound emission hole?

Hello mcopley,

I have requested the dimensions to be measured in our warehouse and shall post as soon as I get those.

Regarding tolerances on the datasheet they are listed as:
ARE ±0.5mm AND

As measured with stock.
Center of tab to center of speaker is ~10mm. Tab diameter ~7.5mm. The tab overhangs 2mm.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.
Best regards