PUI Audio ECM Microphones Soldering Recommendation

These are some common questions from customer about the soldering recommendation for the PUI Audio Electret Condenser Microphones.

  • This is the material of the SMT package. What is the soldering recommendation ?
  • Will the product be damaged if the reflow temperature reaches about 245+/-degree?
  • Can it be soldered manually?

As advised by the manufacturer, a properly grounded soldering iron and ESD protected workstation are required.

Proper solder dwell time and a heat sink are also imperative. Not only is the internal JFET in this microphone heat sensitive, but its diaphragm and internal plastic chassis are also sensitive to heat damage. This damage results in mechanical fatigue, causing a change in sensitivity, an increase in audio distortion, or even complete failure.

Below is the solder process document provided by the manufacturer.

Lead Free Soldering Notes for ECM Microphones