PUI Audio Exciter


This is the place to ask any questions related to the ASX10108-SPD-R (668-1584-ND) exciter speaker from PUI audio. This is very similar to a traditional speaker; however, this turns the surface that it is applied to into a speaker. There is a voice coil that is directly coupled a surface. This excites the surface producing the sound that a traditional speaker would produce. Different surfaces will give different frequency responses. Denser materials allow for more high frequency output. Bendable materials allow for more low and mid-range frequency output.

For the video we used several different surfaces to produce different tonal responses from the exciter.

Video -

EEWiki - http://eewiki.net/display/DKSB/PUI+eXciter
Product - ASX10108-SPD-R / 668-1584-ND