Pulse forming network

Could you suggest to us some pulse forming network IC that can give us a square wave bipolar output of 8kV with an operating frequency range of 50kHz-100kHz?

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Clarifying precisely what one means by “square” in such a context is needful, since the combination of voltage and frequency implies dV/dt values on the order of kV/us. With edge rates that fast, parasitic inductors/capacitors formed inevitably as a result of constructing a physical circuit begin to play a significant role, to the extent that obtaining anything resembling a neat square wave becomes difficult to impossible depending on how “square” exactly one desires the result to be.

A number of your other recent posts appear to be directed along similar lines of investigation; if you’d care to explain the larger context of what you’re trying to achieve, I’d be better able to offer suggestions toward that end.

Hi, Thank you for getting back to me.
So, our main application is to feed this high voltage square wave to a photon generator. And for this purpose, we need a bipolar square waveform (I know its difficult get a neat square we are trying to see if we could achieve some that are at least neat square as possible). Let me know if you have any other questions.
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Photon generator? :bulb:

It would be a a good idea to gain some idea of what that load looks like electrically. Obtaining some squarish-ness of result will likely require an accounting for most of the parasitics found along the way.

If the flashlamp ignition transformer with approximately a 1:32 ratio discussed elsewhere is to be used, it will be needful to drive roughly 300v across the primary. An evaluation board such as one of these might be useful for the task, with capacitive coupling suggested.

Thank you for the reply.
We are looking for something similar to the pulse forming network mentioned in this paper. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1876610216300248/pdf?md5=e223c1374085941a45f14b72fb59a611&pid=1-s2.0-S1876610216300248-main.pdf

Please advise. Thank you!