Pwm Controller for Reversible Fan

I have a San Ace 9RF ( 9RF0912P1H001) reversible fan and am looking for a suitable controller for it, most of the ones I have found only with a power and gnd connection other than the san ace 9PC8666X-S001 but the fan needs an control and sensor connection as well. Has can anyone point me in the right direction.



Page 2 and 3 of the datasheet contain information relevant to speed control. Please note that if the objective is simply to control direction @ full speed, this can be achieved using a simple switch to connect or disconnect the PWM input from the fan’s GND terminal.

If variable speed is desired, “PWM generator” is a search term that should turn up a variety of <$20 finished-goods options from the random-character-string sellers. If you want a DIY solution, “555 PWM generator” should turn up a variety of guides (of varying quality…) from your general-purpose search engine of choice.

Use of the tachometer output is completely optional; leave it unconnected if unused.

Think I’m in a little over my head to be honest. I was looking something more like this

The referenced item is of the sort used to achieve speed control through brute-force manipulation of the power applied to the device. It would not be suitable for reversing the direction of the fan in question.

This fan incorporates resources needed to control speed and direction in response to a low-level control signal applied to its PWM input. Devices suitable for generation of such a signal are likely to look more like the following.