Looking for a controller that an take a 0-10VDC signal and send this fan the PWM it speeds for speed control.

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I was able to locate some options for that fan controller. Please follow the link below to view some options on our website.
Motor Driver Boards, Modules | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

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Here is a PWM Fan Controller from Sanyo Denki

9PC8666X-S001 Sanyo Denki America Inc. | Fans, Blowers, Thermal Management | DigiKey

Otherwise if you look online for search terms 25kHZ PWM FAN CONTROL you’ll get many results of basic devices, your fan just needs a 5V 25kHZ signal which is common for this kind of thing

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Thankyou @Kristof_2649
I think I’m going to go with (4) of the Sanyo Denki 9WV1212P1J001 and (1) 9PC8666X-S001 that you recommended. They are both 25kHz and the 9PC8666X supports 4 channels, so it seems like a good selection.
1 question.
I was considering a Delta fan before settling on the Sanyo fan. In the Delts datasheet they recommend installing an external “over 4.7uF” capacitor when multiple fans in parallel are used. Since I’ll have 4 fans in parallel, I was wondering if I should follow Delta’s advice even though it’s not mentioned in the Sanyo Denki documentation?
Is it a good idea to add this capacitor and should I put 1 at each fan?