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I have recently purchased a San Ace 60 for some forced convection cooling applications. I downloaded and perused the datasheet (Full San Ace catalog) looking for a wiring diagram for the San Ace 60 that I purchased (Sanyo Denki model 9GV0624P1G03; P/N 1688-1656-ND). it is a 24VDC fan, with 4 wires out: Red, black, Brown, and Yellow. As I’m a mechanical engineer, I have full confidence that I will hook this fan up wrong and blow it up without a proper electrical schematic.
Thanks in advance for your help.

9GV0624P1G03 has PWM Control, Speed Sensor (Tach)
Fan Instruction Manual

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Red/Black should be supply +/- per the usual custom, Yellow the sensor output, Brown the speed control input.

Apply power leaving the rest unconnected, and the fan should run full speed. Connect control input to negative supply, fan should stop. Twiddle the control input with variable duty cycle pulse train to achieve variable speed, tach output sinks current (or not) depending on rotor position.

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