Quality trailer wiring repair without the special tools

We have all been in that situation when we go to use a trailer and there is a broken light or bad wire. Instead of taking the time to do a proper repair you twist some wires together and wrap it in a ball of tape and head down the road hoping that the repair will hold until you get home and can properly repair the trailer.

There is a better way. Using a connector like the 3M155929-ND you can replace a light or install a new wire with no stripping of the wire, no tape, heat shrink or special tools. This is a fully insulated Gel filled connector that you simply insert the cut end of the wire (non stripped) in and clamp down with a mechanics (slip joint ) pliers. The IDC (insulation displacement Contacts) ensures that you get a good connection while leaving the insulation in tact and the gel ensures that you have a moisture resistant connection.

With the 3M155929-ND you can use 2 or 3 wires and it is water resistant either way. It is a wiring essential that should be in every vehicle that pulls a trailer for a quick and effective repair that will last.

Here are some other gel filled connectors that we have here at Digi-Key.

Applicable Part Numbers

UY14911-ND UY2000-ND UB2A1000-ND U1B1000-ND U1R20017-ND A101282-ND 3M10887-ND 3M155883-ND 3M156142-ND UR20074-ND 3M155813-ND UY2200-ND A101283-ND UAL27827-ND 3M155929-ND UCC1000-ND UDW2000-ND 3M156096-ND 1742-1016-ND 1742-1017-ND A101281-ND 298-11897-ND UY(BULK)-ND UY2(BULK)-ND UR-JAR500-ND UB2A-JAR500-ND UCC-JAR500-ND 553759-4-ND 553395-3-ND 804-BULK-ND 1-552678-7-ND 804-100/BAG-ND 61-NBM-A-ND 314U-BIN-ND 63-NBM-A-ND 314-BIN-ND 314U-BOX-ND MNG18BCMK-A-ND 316-IR BAG-ND MNG10BCMK-A-ND MGC-JUG-ND MGC-BAG-ND DBO/B-6 BULK-ND DBR/Y-6 BULK-ND 555790-1-ND DBO/B-6 KIT-ND DBR/Y-6 KIT-ND SA6-X-ND BPC6-L-ND BPC4-L-ND SA1-X-ND BPC2-L-ND PISR2-1-ND UR2(CART)-ND BPC1-X-ND UY2(CART)-ND BPC1/0-X-ND SA1/0-X-ND BPC2/0-X-ND UR(CART)-ND SA2/0-5-ND PISR1/0-1-ND BPC3/0-X-ND SA3/0-5-ND SA4/0-5-ND SA250-5-ND UCC(CART)-ND SA300-2-ND BPC4/0-X-ND SA350-2-ND SAR2-4-X-ND PISR250-1-ND BPC250-X-ND SA400-2-ND PISR350-1-ND BPC300-X-ND SAR1/0-2-X-ND BPC350-X-ND SA500-2-ND BPC400-X-ND SAR3/0-1/0-5-ND SAR4/0-2/0-5-ND BPC500-X-ND PISR500-1-ND UY2-500/BTL-ND UY-500/BTL-ND SAR350-4/0-2-ND UR2-500/BTL-ND SA600-2-ND BPC600-6-ND UR-500/BTL-ND SA750-1-ND BPC750-6-ND SA800-1-ND SA1000-1-ND SAR500-350-2-ND SAR600-500-2-ND SAR750-600-2-ND UG20082-ND UAL27828-ND U2A1000-ND UR2000-ND UB2A-25/PACK-ND UR(BULK)-ND UR2-PK50-ND UR2-25/PACK-ND UY2-PK50-ND UY2-25/PACK-ND UR-25/PACK-ND UY-25/PACK-ND SA4-X-ND

UY(BX) UY2(BX) UB2A(BX) U1B(BX) U1R(BX) D-436-37-COLD UY2-JAR500 UR2(BX) UR2-JAR500 UR(BX) 62-NBM-A UY(CART) D-436-38-COLD UAL(BX) 314-BOX UCC(BULK) UDW2 804-BOX VDV826-604 VDV826-605 D-436-36-COLD SA2-X UY(BULK) UY2(BULK) UR-JAR500 UB2A-JAR500 UCC-JAR500 553759-4 553395-3 804-BULK 1-552678-7 804-100/BAG 61-NBM-A 314U-BIN 63-NBM-A 314-BIN 314U-BOX MNG18BCMK-A 316-IR BAG MNG10BCMK-A MGC-JUG MGC-BAG DBO/B-6 BULK DBR/Y-6 BULK 555790-1 DBO/B-6 KIT DBR/Y-6 KIT SA6-X BPC6-L BPC4-L SA1-X BPC2-L PISR2-1 UR2(CART) BPC1-X UY2(CART) BPC1/0-X SA1/0-X BPC2/0-X UR(CART) SA2/0-5 PISR1/0-1 BPC3/0-X SA3/0-5 SA4/0-5 SA250-5 UCC(CART) SA300-2 BPC4/0-X SA350-2 SAR2-4-X PISR250-1 BPC250-X SA400-2 PISR350-1 BPC300-X SAR1/0-2-X BPC350-X SA500-2 BPC400-X SAR3/0-1/0-5 SAR4/0-2/0-5 BPC500-X PISR500-1 UY2-500/BTL UY-500/BTL SAR350-4/0-2 UR2-500/BTL SA600-2 BPC600-6 UR-500/BTL SA750-1 BPC750-6 SA800-1 SA1000-1 SAR500-350-2 SAR600-500-2 SAR750-600-2 UG(BX) UAL(CART) 211(BX) UR2(BULK) UB2A-25/PACK UR(BULK)* UR2-PK50 UR2-25/PACK UY2-PK50 UY2-25/PACK UR-25/PACK UY-25/PACK SA4-X