Question Taiyo Yuden Part Numbering

Customer was concerned when they ordered part number LMK107BBJ106MALT - , because the part number on the label stated CE LMK107BBJ106MALT.
Here is a photo of the label on the reel.

This is the explanation of the part number from Product Manager, “Taiyo Yuden has always put a 2 digit prefix in front of their part number. It is a class code they use internally.”

As defined by Taiyo Yuden - Current Taiyo Yuden part number is the part number without internal code (prefix). Techinical specification for these products are the
Please note that the internal control code is listed on label, invoice, packing slip for all products along with Taiyo Yuden part numbers
to specify certain product group in our product line. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

I hope this helps to clarify why there may be a two or three letter prefix on the manufacturer part number that is different from what is listed on the Digikey website.