Ram, flash size, onboard i/o interfaces field


Can you add ram, flash size, onboard i/o interfaces field to selection table “Evaluation Boards - Embedded - Complex Logic (FPGA, CPLD)”?

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Hi Konstantin.
Thank you for your inquiry. I will send in your suggestion for that category.


is there any news on this issue?

Addition of data fields to entire product categories is a rather labor intensive task, for which limited resources are available. While we’re happy to accept suggestions for such developments, not all are undertaken.

Non-volatile memory is not traditionally incorporated into most FPGAs, nor in CPLDs beyond the extent required for device configuration. I/O interfaces for either are generally a matter of how a device is programmed by the user. While evaluation boards for such may incorporate or make specific provisions for either, they are intended to facilitate evaluation of the core IC as a component product rather than as products in their own right. As such, it is suggested that selection of an evaluation board on the basis of these additional features can be aided by considering the capabilities of the featured IC.

ok, however, sometimes this information would be useful,

I mean volumes: