RAST 2.5 3 pins

Hi, I want to wire a sensata 150 psi presure sensor to a PCB, it has a RAST 2.5 pitch 3 pins connector that I suppose is a wire-to board type. I have been trying to find a RAST female connector of the same type without success on Digikey. I got lost on a tsunami of parts numbers and datasheets and I have never found anything in stock that is said to be compatible with this socket.
My question is : will Duo Plug fit this socket or anything from a different serie of connector, I just need a few not the 5k+ minimum order for the RAST.

Thanks !!


According to the TE site the mate for the 3 position rast connector 1971921-3 would be part 1-2232890-3

I might be worth taking a look at the drawing and see if that would work for you.

Thanks for the quick answer, I will give it a try and post back here

We currently do not carry the mating connectors 917780002 and 917780030, however we can order them for you.