RealSense D401/D405 Interposer

Does anyone know if either the Intel RealSense D401 (2311-82635DSD401-ND) or D4 v4 (2311-82635DSASICBDV4-ND) contain the correct interposer cable to connect the two? The cable is described on page 54 of and appears to be a slightly different pinout than the one for the other RealSense D400 devices (eg DigiKey 544-3600-ND)

I have requested information from the Product Specialist and will put his reply on here as soon as I receive it.

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Great, thanks. Any idea on how long this usually takes to hear back? Trying to decide on whether to buy a full D405 camera and tear apart or parts.

Zip file
D400 family datasheet
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