Recharging a coin battery

I bought replacement for my bike Garmin - a coin battery (|Manufacturer Product Number|RJD2440||
|Supplier|Illinois Capacitor||
|Description|BATTERY LITHIUM 3.7V COIN 24.5MM| for my bike Garmin. It has an adaptor for recharging that connects to a computer USB port. The battery I bought is 3.7 V while the standard battery is about 1/2 of that, but folks report they have used this battery with the Garmin I have. When I hook it up to the adapter the unit does not turn on and charge. However, if I squeeze it tight then it does turn on but gives a blank battery icon (while it normally would give a battery icon showing charging taking place) Once I stop squeezing the screen on the Garmin goes blank.
Is the battery dead and need to be replaced? Do I need a different type of charger?

Either the battery is not making proper contact with the holder since you have to squeeze it to get the screen to respond or like you said, the battery died and cannot be charged anymore. One more potential problem too, is the Garmin charge system providing enough charge current for this particular battery (needs 75mA in this case)? I’m not sure how you’d monitor this since I don’t know how accessible your wires are.

I typed “garmin bike battery” into a google search and found multiple battery packs.
you say that the battery is about 1/2 of the 3.7V lithium COIN 24.5MM| does that mean you are trying to charge a 3.7V lithium with a 1.8V charger? I think we are missing too much information to help you out on this one.

Actually, the voltage is the same as the original - 3.7 v. The difference is that the mA are 150 while the original was 110.

Probably the contacts since the new battery is a bit thicker and thus the top and bottom of the charging unit don’t come together as closely as with the original battery.