LIon battery battery charging IC

Hello i have 9.0V ,7.8Ah Lion Rechargeable battery please suggest me suitable battery Charger IC

Hello @Niki124 welcome to the forum! Do you have any pictures of the battery? We need to know what the charging current is supposed to be for that particular battery since 7.8Ah is just the capacity. I’ve narrowed down to 19 ICs that may do the job, but we would need more information. Here is what I have so far:

Thank you for you reply ! Charging current of the the battery is 1.1Amp to 2.0Amp. and my Unit current is 3.5A in pulse mode.

In that case, it narrows down the selection to ; these all can handle above 1.1A for charging, can handle above 9V for battery load. I’m not sure if surface mount is suitable, but this is all we had that were specifically ICs for battery charging LIon batteries. Otherwise, you’d have to make a system from scratch using multiple components, each datasheet actually might have a “setup” circuit mentioned where you’d need other parts like capacitors or resistors, but they usually tell you what values you need.