Recording Studio Monitoring System

Hi all!
I run a large format Recording Studio i Stockholm, Sweden (
we’re about to build another “Iso-Booths” in our main studio. To be able to get the musicians monitoring there I need to extend a Cannon Zif DL60P. preferably with a female in the wall on each side of the wall. So what I need to do is to connect one female to another through a wall.

What do I need to buy? except for the obvious connector housings. tools? connectors? sort of cable?

All will be helpful


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The ITT Cannon sockets are designed to accommodate a wide variety of signal types, mostly medical and industrial. ZIF Connectors Series | ITT Cannon

It would be very time consuming, and error prone, to try to determine what the exact electrical requirements are remotely. (connector could have, power, low level audio I/O, high level audio I/O, digital I/O)

I strongly recommend getting a local person to look at the existing system and figure out what types of wire are needed (getting it wrong can ruin a recording session).

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