Rectangular connector identification help please

I could use some help identifying this rectangular connector. I don’t see the “1.1mm” pitch as an option in DigiKey’s rectangular connectors, so that adds to the confusion.

This connector has:

  • 8 blade-style pins
  • 1.1mm pitch (measured by digital calipers as 8.8mm across all 8 pins. A photo with a ruler is attached here.)
  • through-hole vertical mounting
  • the color is ivory, or some similar off-white color
  • the outside dimensions of the shrouding are ~11.75mm x ~3.15mm


Hello Chris,

Thank you for contacting the Technical Forum. I tried multiple searches and was not able to find this one either. Unfortunately it does not appear we sell this one.

Hello Chris. Welcome to the Digi-Key Technical Forum!

I have reviewed the information and images you have provided. I think this connector from TE Connectivity looks like the correct item.


TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

More options like this one can be found clicking this link.

I hope this helps!

Wow, such a fast response! :smile:

Thanks! I think you’ve got the right one.

For future reference: pin pitch = total pitch / (number of pins - 1), so it’s 8.8 /7 ~= 1.25
It’s the old fence post problem that usually bites me every time.

Thanks, @PaulHutch . I’m not sure what happened to my math there today, but you’re definitely correct. :slightly_smiling_face: