Black rectangular 10 pin connector


I am trying to find this 10 pin rectangular connector. This is a crimp style

Size: 1.6mm x 0.9mm x 1.1mm (LxWxH)
The pins are 0.2mm apart
The connectors inside seem to be square shaped crimped.

Please see images on the below link:

Link: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Please help

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We are unable to open links from that website. You should post the picture directly on the post.
Also, we do not carry any crimp connector housing, that small, with a 0.2mm contact spacing.

I have uploaded the pictures here, hopefully this helps

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Thank you for the pictures. Though I am in agreement with David. I do not see anything with the .2mm pitch. Sorry. I do not find anything.

To begin with, that is a 12pos connector, and not a 10pos. It may be close to 0.2cm (2mm), but is closer to 3mm. Let me do some searching.

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Click here for 2-1827864-6-ND.
This looks close.
Click here for the available crimp contacts.

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Thank you David!! Sorry, yes it was 12 pos - Thank you for the catch!

Thank you so much!