Rectification & regulation from stator

I have lost the DC component of the output from my stator. As you might suspect the module is sealed and this requires me to replace the stator/module assembly. I do not like this given that the implement is only 3 years old.

The rectifier/regulation module is secured to the engine block so I suspect heat and vibration are the primary factors contributing to its short lifespan. In turn, I would like to design and fabricate this module because I suspect I can make a more robust module.

Estimates of current load capability can e obtained from the conductor dimensions but I am also concerned about reducing the impact of AC noise.


It would be helpful were some description of the appliance in question given.

Also, if repair parts are available at modest expense you’ll likely end up time and money ahead by going that route. Without a schematic describing the contents of this sealed module one will be left to reverse-engineer the thing, which is a process that typically doesn’t succeed on the first try (or several) and carries with it the potential for causing further harm.

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