Component identification request - from rs-online

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can someone please help me identify these component from these sites AND

on a heat sink

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Not sure about the first part, I think it’s a FS3TM-16, an older MOSFET from Mitsubishi. In my searches it does not come up as available from small quantity distributors outside of China.

The second part appears to be a standard 0.2" spacing 4 pin DIP bridge rectifier. Unfortunately I don’t recognize the marking so I can’t say what voltage and current rating it has. If you know what voltage is applied to the AC input you can choose a 1A version with an appropriate voltage rating. Generally it’s best to go for a voltage rating that is 200% or more of the applied AC voltage, e.g. 16VAC input, choose a peak reverse voltage of 32V or higher.

Here’s a link to a search of 0.2" spacing 4 pin DIP bridge rectifiers at Digi-Key.
FYI - Since Digi-Key pays for this forum I won’t link to their competitors when they offer the parts (Farnell & RS have USA subsidiaries that directly compete with, but are inferior to, Digi-Key).

Hi Assurance,

From what I can tell, your first part is an 800V 3A N-channel MOSFET. I don’t have exact data on it, but something like the CDM2205-800FPSL-ND probably has similar specifications.

As Paul says, the second one is definitely a bridge rectifier. I’m not quite as confident as he is on the size, though. Take some good measurements of your part and compare to those below to see which one most closely matches the pin spacing. I selected higher voltage parts, as one can generally go up in voltage without a problem, but you don’t want to go too low because they might be damaged by overvoltage.

DF06M-ND 600V 1.5A Bridge Rectifier

MB6M-E3/45GI-ND 600V 500mA Bridge Rectifier