Cannot identify component or manufacturer

I am unable to identify the manufacturer of this part by the logo or the part numbers, though I suspect its a 4606 Mosfet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Its from a battery powered rechargeable fan.

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Hello cboatin and welcome to the forum,

I couldn’t ID that one myself, but if what you say rings true then BSO110N03MSGXUMA1CT-ND might be a good candidate. Can you take a picture just a touch more zoomed out so we can see the Net under the chip? If the traces only have 3 connections, then I think you are right.

Thanks for your help! Here is a more zoomed out image of the board. You can see additional examples of the component on the board along with the one that has burned out.

Thanks again

Give special scrutiny to those three top left pins there. Based on what I can see I do not have confidence that it will work as a substitute, as I don’t know if S1,2,3 being tied together matches the intent of the PCB operation you have pictured.

A boost to my confidence would be if those three pins shared the copper trace.

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I don’t recognize that logo, but I suspect it’s a dual MOSFET with an N and P-channel inside.

The AO4606 looks like the same internal layout. I don’t know if the electrical specs match, and we have no stock, but it’s likely a similar part.


Assuming the theory above is right, the AO4629 or the AO4616 might be worth considering.

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