Recycling Surplus, outdated SMD and TH components

We are an electronic manufacturer and we have several large boxes filled with partial reels and trays of obsolete SMD components and lots of TH components, RJ45 connectors, cables and such. A good portion of these were originally purchased from DigiKey. I am looking for somewhere to send them for reuse, reclamation or recycling- but there seems to be nowhere to send them other than to a landfill (which we refuse to do). I am sure that a company the size of DigiKey has some method of intelligent disposal of their obsolete stock. Can someone clue me in on a way to do this with our old stock?

Welcome to the TechForum nmaloney,

When a part goes obsolete, it is flagged that way, but the remaining stock is still available to be sold.
I do not know when and how unwanted stock is disposed of.
If you could get in contact with other hobbyists, I’m sure someone would be very interested in the parts.

We have close to a pallet full of components. I doubt that a hobbyist would be interested in it.

Greetings, I applaud you for trying to keep those items out of the landfill, unfortunately this is not a service we provide. There is some good information and links to places that recycle electronics on the EPA website here.

Electronics Donation and Recycling | US EPA