Max1002cax 9710 what is it worth

New To all of this and I inherited a bunch of stuff like this max 1000 to see a X9710 and I don’t know what it is or how much it’s worth and I have a lot of other things like it somebody please get back with me and explain my number is --**** user name products

I am sorry. We are here to provide support for Digi-Key products. We are also here to provide general support for basic electronics. Digi-Key is a Distributor for electronic components. We would not be able to identify all the products you have. The easiest way to start searching is to use Google to identify who made the parts . Then start looking if anyone sells them to see if there is a price. I would also advise that this Forum is seen worldwide. I would hesitate about adding my phone number.

MAC1002CAX is an obsolete dual 6-bit ADC. The 9710 is the EIA date code and it shows that the part was manufactured the tenth week of 1997.

Obsolete electronic parts have very little value and what value there is takes an enormous amount of work to obtain. This is why after I reached 50 I stopped collecting components and started working on using up as much as possible so that my heirs don’t have to deal with them (they are technically hazardous waste and should be disposed of appropriately).

If you have dozens to hundreds of identical parts, especially rare devices like the MAX1002, you may be able to sell them to an obsolete parts broker. A broker would likely give you about 10% of what they think they can get for the part. They offer so little because its likely to take years to find a buyer and they may never be able to sell it at which point they will have to pay for disposal. From a little research it appears the current market asking price for a MAX1002 is about $4.00, so you could get $0.40 from a broker.