Regarding for IT Certification

Hello Everyone, I am looking for IT certification but I am confused between the 4 certifications that I mentioned below. Can anyone suggest me which one is better?

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  2. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect
  3. PMP - Project Management Professional


The answer to which of these is ‘better’ depends on your career/life goals and your current skill set, but I can give you a general answer. (I only see three listed–not four).

AWS and Google programs probably give you some general skills and knowledge, but after reviewing their literature online, it’s clear that the focus is on proficiency with their own products and services. Going further into the details, it looks like the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate program is not as specific as the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect course, but there are also many more AWS certifications that you could add. Again, it depends on your expected career path and employment opportunities.

The PMP program applies to any large industry or service provider, but very specifically to the field of management (not any particular product or brand like Amazon or Google). Also, I found that PMP certification requires you to have a minimum number of hours of job experience or a combination of a degree and hours worked. I don’t know if the Amazon or Google programs had similar requirements. The PMP program is the one you would choose if you already have experience in this area (project management) and plan to continue along that career path.

These above suggested are not the beginner level certificate.

I have checked one list for IT certification which is very useful for all beginners.