FCC Certified Dev Kits

Any kits that have safety and fcc part 15 testing so can resell them after programming? Obv this excludes some programming types


I am not seeing that we would be able to specifically search for that set of parameters.
However looking over part 15 looks to be the standard language I have seen on many a device one may see out an about.

I would expect that dev kits would at least meet the part 15 requirement.

However as these are just dev kits I am not certain that a “full test” may have been done in the way a cell phone or wifi router may have.

Something like the DVK-RM024-FCC-ND should work.
DVK-RM024-FCC Laird Connectivity Inc. | Development Boards, Kits, Programmers | DigiKey

But I would also think that any certification done may not be the type of cert that can be used in any commercial application.