Relay Output Current

For timing relays like E1ZM10 12-240V AC/DC, the input voltage to control the relay can be either AC or DC, but the documentation says that the output current can only be AC. Is this correct? If so, why is that?

What search terms should I use to find a relay that can have a 12VDC output? There doesn’t appear to be a filter in the search bar.

Thank you!

Hi Stingray36,

Thank you for your inquiry. Although this relay is claimed to be a mechanical type, it is true that the output is DC only according to documentation and the schematic on the side of the relay. If this were mechanical like they claim and not solid state then my assumption is they would have a diode in series with the output contact.

The way to filter the DC output type, would be by selecting all of the DC rated voltages in the “Contact Rating @ Voltage” filter. Below is what came back for me for having the 12VDC input only which is what I assume you need, otherwise we would have more higher voltage option inputs:

Click below for 966-DZ1R08MV1-ND | CC2522-ND | CC2507-ND