Relay pin positions


I am looking for STDP relays with 12VDC coil that can be mounted on a standard 0.100" grid board. It seems that all the relays I can find (such as this one) have through pins spaced 12.0mm, 12.2mm and 2.2mm apart. Do these fit on any standard board? What I find odd is that I had no trouble finding STSP relays with through-hole pins that fit a 0.100" grid. Can I do the same with STDP? Thanks.


I did some checking on this, take a look at Digikey part number Z221-ND as an option, this has the .1 inch spacing you are looking for, here is the link for quick reference to the part information, The G5Q data sheet link will show this relay has the pin spacing you are looking for.


Steve, that’s the ticket! I wonder why it wasn’t coming up in the searches I was doing. Perhaps I simply overlooked it. At any rate, it’s just right. Thanks for your very prompt help.