Relay pin pitch missing

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the data sheet for the Weidmuller relay 7760056336 does not show the pin pitch.
Pin pitch is the distance between the pins, center to center.

Can you provide this please?


Hello mmbordo,
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I searched on the datasheet, and on the manufacture’s website.
They did not have a document for the pin spacings.
I have sent a request to the product specialist that deals with the Weidmuller parts for this information.
I will post the reply when I receive the information.

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Same results, David.

I even looked at the corresponding relay sockets with no luck.



If I had to bet, I’d say it has the same pinout as these Omron G2RS series relays, which have the following pin spacings:

However, I have no way to verify until we get word back.

Thank you
Is there a PCB mount receptacle that can be used with this relay?

We need to wait for information to make sure we would find the correct socket.

Hi mmbordo,

I don’t believe Weidmuller offers any PCB mount relays, as they tend to focus on DIN rail type products. We do carry PCB mount sockets for the Omron relays I mentioned above.

Specifically, the following:

Again, can’t guarantee that these would work with the Weidmuller relay, but they will work with the Omron G2RS relays mentioned above.

The Product Specialist is checking with the manufacture, but we do not have an answer yet.

Hello mmbordo,

The product specialist could not get the pin spacing from the manufacture.
Basically they only expect them to work in their sockets, so don’t provide all the dimensions.
CLICK HERE for the sockets designed to work with that relay.
Of these 4 sockets, the only one that we have stock in, is 7760056351 (DigiKey part number 281-7760056351-ND).

Hello @mmbordo
We do have factory stock available of 7760056365 (281-7760056365-ND)
In stock: 7760056351 (281-7760056351-ND)
Our Marketplace available stock: 7760056347 (281-7760056347-ND)