Remote control


I have a small board I am designing. The size is 2” x 1.5”. It has a microcontroller with onboard switches. The devise is DC powered. I need to be able to remotely tell it to reset.

I would also like to be able to have the device reset using my phone.

I have no idea how to make this happen at a low cost. I need help with finding a receiver and transmitter.

Doug Azar


Hi @Doug,

I’m not sure where your experience level is, but if you are looking for something to start out with, I’d recommend taking a look at the Adafruit’s Bluefruit modules (such as part # 1528-1350-ND) . Adafruit offers a tutorial for how to get this module connected to a smart phone (click here). They also offer this module paired up with microcontrollers, but it sounds like you have that part covered…

If you’re looking for something more bare boned but requires more programming expertise, you could take a look at our transceiver modules here: I included all the types of protocols (cellular, bluetooth, wifi, etc) since you did not mention a preference for your design.