Replacement Board for ISD CO17

Hello I have an old countdown timer with a Nuvoton ISD COB-17 board, it has been water damage can I get a replacement board?

Hello designtech, welcome to the Forum Community. We do have boards that look the same as yours.
816-NC-ISD17240-ND , is in stock, however there are quite a few others that are either not in stock or are obsolete, that are also the same format. I don’t have any information on part marking to identify which board you have, but I do have an e-mail in to my Product Specialist to see if he can identify the board and I will get back to you as soon as I have his reply.

Hello Jenny, thanks for your reply. What is the storage capacity of the card? Is there a way of transferring 4 sound files from the computer to the card.

Hello @designtech,
According to the datasheet, the ISD17240 provides from 160 to 480 seconds recording time depending on audio quality selected during recording. Does not appear any easy way to transfer audio files directly from a PC to the board, looks like the device will need to be recorded through the microphone or analog audio input.
ISD ChipCorder® ISD1700 Series datasheet link:
ISD1700 Series Design Guide link:

The Product Specialist reply is below
On the second photo, by the jumpers/speaker is some wording on the board, what does that say? Able to ask the customer to what that is?

Hello Rhonda is this a better image I think you are referring to “AUD” & “AUD1”