Replacement Board for ISD CO17

Hello I have an old countdown timer with a Nuvoton ISD COB-17 board, it has been water damage can I get a replacement board?

Hello designtech, welcome to the Forum Community. We do have boards that look the same as yours.
816-NC-ISD17240-ND , is in stock, however there are quite a few others that are either not in stock or are obsolete, that are also the same format. I don’t have any information on part marking to identify which board you have, but I do have an e-mail in to my Product Specialist to see if he can identify the board and I will get back to you as soon as I have his reply.

Hello Jenny, thanks for your reply. What is the storage capacity of the card? Is there a way of transferring 4 sound files from the computer to the card.

Hello @designtech,
According to the datasheet, the ISD17240 provides from 160 to 480 seconds recording time depending on audio quality selected during recording. Does not appear any easy way to transfer audio files directly from a PC to the board, looks like the device will need to be recorded through the microphone or analog audio input.
ISD ChipCorder® ISD1700 Series datasheet link:
ISD1700 Series Design Guide link:

The Product Specialist reply is below
On the second photo, by the jumpers/speaker is some wording on the board, what does that say? Able to ask the customer to what that is?

Hello Rhonda is this a better image I think you are referring to “AUD” & “AUD1”

Hello I am back again, I can add a audio file by recording thru the speaker, the volume is not enough for outdoors use.
So now looking at using the Anain input method but having issues.
Made up a jumper wire using 3.5mm TRS audio plug but only connecting the “ground” and “ring” (red) connections and join up the Anain and Grd terminals but get no sound on replay.
Where have I gone wrong?

Hello designtech - I wanted to let you know I’ve forwarded your question to our Product Specialist and he has messaged the manufacturer. As soon as we have that reply for you, I’ll let you know.

Hello designtech: Here is what the Product SpecialistI heard back with from supplier:
AN_0004_ISD_PWMOutputAmplification.pdf (881.8 KB)

First of all, to get better output volume / power, changing input method won’t be efficient enough.
Sometimes you don’t even get any improve after a lot of efforts.

The best solution will be adding an amplifier at the end. Since ISD1700 series is an old part, we don’t have much supporting resources so far now. The only thing we could provide is an app note on how to amplifier ISD output.
Please see attachment.

Hello Jenny
The board I have ihas stopped working, so I will purchase a new board a NC-ISD17240 or is there other board that I can use? Which PWM Output Amplification unit, which Part Number is recommended the PWM/AUX/AUD, PWM/AUX, PWM only?
Regards John

Hello, John: These are the options that we carry which were mentioned in the application note given to you by the manufacturer: NM-ISD2100Q PWM only; NM-ISD15D00 PWM/AUX; and these three options PWM/AUX/AUD.

Hello Jenny, I have purchased the chipcorder and downloaded an mp3 file thru the onboard mic, but the quality and volume is not that good, can I download directly from my computer thru the Anain pin

Hello desingtech,
I found this information in the Nuvoton ISD15100 Datasheet.
The two analog audio inputs to the device are: (1) AUXIN has a fixed gain configured by SPI
command, and (2) ANAIN/ANAOUT has a fixed gain amplifier with the gain set by two external resistors.
So if this is associated to the one you purchased, seems like you can use the ANAIN input.

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Hello David
Thanks for your reply, but I don’t want to buy any chiboards, as I have brought thr relacement ISD-COD17240 ChipCorder, all I would like to know if there is a second way of installing the mp3 files besides using the onboard micophone copy the sound from the computer aux spreaders. Can I use a mono 3.5 dia plug and connect to the Anain and GRD pins, as I have tried this without any success.
My knowledge of electronic is very basic so any help would be apprecaitated.