Replacement for old oil-filled capacitor

I have a 1972 Kenwood power amplifier and am replacing a lot of the capacitors. I have been away from Electronics over 50 years. My question is what is the best replacement capacitor for an old oil-filled .01uF 630V DC ± 20% capacitor. The part number in the manual is CP02B2J103M. There are 4 of these between two full-wave rectifiers. From the transformer, one is 45V on one leg and the other leg is 0V. The other is 27V on both legs.

A film capacitor is the modern replacement for low capacitance high voltage oil filled capacitors.

Here’s a search result link that gives all 0.01uf 630VDC +/-20% or better film capacitors active and in stock. Choose a part that fits the existing PCB.


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