Vintage Capacitor Replacement

I am replacing an Industrial Condenser Corp. 10/10/10 450WVDC capacitor in a 1951 Valco amplifier. So far I’ve only located 10/10/10/10 uF capacitor by MFE but it is physically too large. Is there a suggested replacement or a part number for a 10/10/10 uF multi-capacitor can that might fit?
Thank you for any assistance,


Unfortunately it does not appear that we had a 3 capacitor version for the 10uF. I found only 2x 10uF 440VAC - 3766-CAP-10/10/440R-ND.

Ok. - Thank you for your timely response.

Those multi-section capacitors were popular in times before, now not so much. It’s not uncommon for folks today to replace them using a number of individual caps, sometimes enclosed in an old can for aesthetics if that’s a concern.

Here’s a handful in 10uF/450V territory that might do the job. A film type would likely be a better alternative, space permitting.