The Bose amplifiers in my 1992 corvette coupe. I have a parts list taken off the internet. I need 20

I need to fix my Bose amplifiers in my 1992 corvette coupe.there are 4 amps total. I need to replace the green caps( that’s what they’re called). The amps are specific to the front and back and left and right. I’ve obtained a parts list if you can help find the parts? I need 4- 1mf-50 volt 8-10mf-50 volt and 8-47mf 50 volt

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

Looking into options for these, this was the best set I found. I’m assuming that when you say “mf” in your specs you mean “microfarads” which is normally abbreviated as “uF,” but on older caps you often see “mF” as the marking instead. As a result you’ll see the caps in my lists marked with uF as the unit of measure.

For 1uF, 50V: (7 options)

For 10uF, 50V: (3 options)

For 47uF, 50V: (2 options)

I included 63V-rated caps in the list for 47uF options, as there were none in stock for 50V.

If you have any other questions, just let us know!