Replacement for RT6575AGQW

I can’t seem to locate this exact part. I found a similar model that’s not in stock, Which is a RT6576A, however I’m not sure what the difference is. But since its not in stock it doesn’t matter. I was wondering if there was another item that would work in place of this component for me?

Hello JamesTheGreat,

Thank you for your inquiry. Below are both datasheets, it appears there is a soft turn on delay difference per page 7 of the datasheets.


Hello Ryan,
Thanks for your help there, but I looked at the RT6576a and I thought it would work… However it doesn’t look like its in stock currently…
I was hoping for something instock that I could order maybe 10 of (price depending)… I do logic board repair, not manufacturing so large quantities is not something I need.
If you find something else instock that you think may work, please let me know.

Hello again JamesTheGreat,

Thanks for your reply.

296-49307-1-ND(click here) is our best stocking option at Digi-Key. Please review if this will work for you as it may have differences.