Looking for compatible IPS ISD04N65A

I have a Corsair RM850X and I believe this part needs to be replaced. I’m looking for a compatible replacement for this on Digikey. Your help is much appreciated.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Is the part number you are trying to replace the isd04n65a? If this is the part , you can look a a possible replacement part number of R6504END3TL1 on this link:

R6504END3TL1 Rohm Semiconductor | Discrete Semiconductor Products | DigiKey

I found limited data for the original part number. You can review this to see if this will work for your circuit.

yes I’m trying to replace the isd04n65a. I think the part you listed is perfect for my application. You are amazing. Thank you

I am glad I could help. Hopefully it fixes this issue. Funny. I now see the part number in the subject line. It looked good for the data I found. Have a great day!