Replacement VCC - PMRL200W-GLP28-WT

PMRL200W-GLP28-WT is an obsolete panel indicator. Digi-Key Electronics is the source for replacements for these. The closest match has been found to be PMRL200-BG28H-WT

The obsolete item is a 28V, green, water tight panel indicator with wire leads and a 0.312" panel cutout. This can be determined using the part number and the following table from the manufacturer datasheet. PMRL200-Datasheet (

There are some things worth considering with this replacement. PMRL200-BG28H-WT has PC pins instead wire leads so an adjustment would need to be made there and it is also a bit brighter at 80mcd versus 2.3mcd in the obsolete item.

If there are any questions on this, please reply to this post and we will be happy to address them.