Replacing 3 constant current drivers with one larger driver

I purchased three landscape lights not realizing that they are 120v and not 12v. I cannot return the lights and i cannot run 120v to them. I do have low voltage to that location already so I thought the easy solution would be to open them up remove their drivers and connect them to a similar spec driver with 3x more Amps. I noticed that the drivers in the light said “OUTPUT:DC26-42V 300mA” and assumed that as long as I can figure out what volts the led runs on I can just buy a matching power supply and connect the light and power supply using the low voltage wire I already have run there. Well after i removed the drivers, i have come to realize that the solution may not be so simple. Long story short can i do what I have drawn out below. Any input would be appreciated.

All wiring below will be 12 gauge and run in parallel


Such an arrangement may “work” but is less than ideal, from the standpoint that the various fixtures may vary in their apparent brightness, and failure or disconnection of any one will lead to a rapid cascading failure of the others.

A more proper approach would be to run a fixed voltage supply to each fixture, with a local driver providing current regulation per-fixture, similar to the original configuration save for another converter to drop the 120VAC to a lower DC voltage.


i can’t run new wire to each fixture. Could i do the following? i’m just not sure which dc-dc driver to use.

That’s precisely the sort of arrangement I was suggesting.

The LDD-300HW or LDU5660S300-WD would be options with current stock for the individual LED drivers.