Requesting Temporary Source for PN 2568884


We are seeking a temporary source for Fluke PN 2568884 due to delays in order deliveries from our primary source. The description for this part is, “CABLE ASSEMBLY,CAT5E PATCH,SHIELDED,2 M,BLK,CERT TO TIA”. An email sent to was forwarded by one of your sales reps to the team of technicians. This is an urgent shortage for us, so we would greatly appreciate a quick response.

Thank you for your time,


Documentation for that item seems a bit hard to find (it doesn’t seem to show on Fluke’s own site…) but based on the description it seems like just a plain old shielded ethernet cable 2 meters long. A dozen or so items fitting that description are in stock here and I might suggest A-MCSP-80020 as likely candidate.

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the response. I can send this to one of our engineers to determine if it will work. Can you please provide an email that I can send engineering drawings to in case this part ends up not meeting our specs?

You’re welcome to share any more specific requirements here on the forum or engage via the response to your initial email inquiry, which should be forthcoming if not addressed already. Both communication mechanisms access the same body of technical support personnel.