RF Blinds

Hello everyone, i need help with an rf issue. I have louvolite blinds that are controlled with louvolite branded rf remotes. I currently have a number of Tuya rf bridges that i am using with home assistant to automate the opening and closing of the blinds. The blinds work great and are very responsive with their branded remotes. However when using the Tuya bridges 50% of the time all blinds in the room with close but other 50% of the time 1 or 2 won’t close. It usually isnt the same blind that is non-responsive. Both the remote and the bridge are within 10ft of the blinds unobstructed. is there any way i can beef up the 433.92rf signal coming out of my tuya rf bridge?

Hello appatel16,

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Since we do not carry the Tuya RF bridges, I have no information on these.
It would be best if one of the engineers can address this question.