Datawave RS-485 Wireless Bridge WB-RS232-24HP-A

I recently purchased two Datawave RS-485 Wireless Bridge WB-RS232-24HP-A units from Digi-Key.

I need to replace about a 100 foot section of a 4 wire RS-485 cable, point to point, simple application, two units.

I was able to change the configuration of the Datawave devices from the default RS-485 2 wire configuration to a 4 wire configuration using Putty as per the Datawave manual.

Connected my 4 bus wires to each Datawave unit but not working

Tried turning one Datawave device off. On the Datawave device that is on signal on pin 4 follows signal on pin 1, pin 3 sits low, does not make sense to me

I tried contacting Datawave support but the company seems to have disappeared !!

Really appreciate any help anyone can provide

Additional info, I am testing with the Datawave units just a few feet apart


Hi Hermchet. I don’t have an answer for you, but I’m looping in our product specialist that works with this product line to see if he has any ideas.


Thank you much appreciated. I really tried to get in contact with Datawave but phones do not answer and they do not respond to email. I looked up the address and the map program said they are permanently closed. Article on the web a few years ago said Dig-Key had partnered with them.

Curtis, Jerry

I went over everything again this morning. I am able to communicate with the devices with Putty as per the user manual and set to RS-485 4 wire mode. The levels on the RS-485 inputs and outputs just make no sense.

I was really depending on this device to help me, even recommended it to someone else who purchased two devices as I did, they are having the same problem.

I am really hoping you could help me solve this, as I said Datawave seems to be out of business.

If we cannot get them working (which would be very bad for our project !) is Digi-Key going to refund our purchase ?

REGARDS and Thanks, Herm

Hello Herm.

I apologize for the delay. Did you purchase the RS-232 version or the RS-485 version?

Thank you.

No worries !

Both myself and the person I recommended them to purchase the RS-485 version

We need to replace about a 50 to 100 foot length of 4 wire RS-485 cable with a wireless bridge.

Really appreciate any help you could provide in getting these units to work



I’m assuming you set both units to use the 4 wire mode and the baud rate is the same for both units?

You’re able to use Putty to communicate from one unit to another?


Yes, using Putty I put both units in the 4 wire RS-485 mode (mode3) with the set mode command, executed the store command to save in non-volatile memory, and verified mode 3 (4 wire) with the get mode command.

Both units are in the default 9600 baud. I use Putty on both with the same settings so I know they have the same communications parameters.

I have not tried to use Putty to communicate between units but I will and will let you know

One thing I just noticed: The last sentence on page 6 of the manual states: "If the data of the sending or receiving devices do not correspond with the data settings of the wireless bridge then the output data will appear garbled " Does this mean that I need to try to figure out the baud rate and parameters of the RS-485 bus that I am trying to bridge with wireless and set the Datawave devices to match ?



@Curtis_Johnson I did forward the information for this order to your email.

Curtis, Robert

Really appreciate your help.

Sort of seems like it is behaving like it is in 2 wire mode even though I put both units in 4 wire mode with Putty and confirmed they were in 4 wire mode.

Both units behave the same

I have been searching the web for info but find nothing and Datawave Is apparently out of business.

I have a many years of experience in electronics engineering, Very confident I am doing everything right

Really important for me to succeed with this project, hope you can help.



Curtis, Robert

Any updates ? I keep trying without success



Robert, Curtis

I have not heard anything back from you. Any ideas on how to get these devices working ?

I have decades of experience in electronics engineering, I’m sure I am doing everything right.

Is Dig-Key going to refund me and the other group who I advised to buy this product. As I said, the company is apparently out of business