Datawave Wireless Bridge

The RS485 Wireless Bridge products by Datawave are designed to act as a wireless RS-485 two or four-wire cable replacement. The RS485 Wireless Bridge has a screw terminal connector for data and a micro USB port to configure other settings. The RS485 Wireless Bridge is available in three different options depending on your needs.


It is possible to mix and match wireless bridge products. The RS-485 Wireless Bridge will communicate with the RS-232, Analog and Digital I/O and USB Wireless Bridge products that share the same radio configuration. By using an RS-485 Wireless Bridge at point A and an RS-232 Wireless Bridge at point B, the wireless bridges can act as an RS-485 to RS-232 over-the-air converter. The RS485 Wireless Bridge ships with an RPSMA 115mm articulating antenna and 12 VDC wall adapter power supply.

The USB port on the RS485 units is used for Wireless Bridge configuration. Normally you do not connect to the X-CTU through that COM port.

Picture taken from Datawave Wireless Bridge WB-RS485-24LP-A

When you try to do an initial communications test, I normally hook it up this way:
Computer - > USB to RS485 converter - > Wireless Bridge
The computer is running a terminal program. You can use two computers, or just one computer with two USB ports, two RS-458 converters, and two wireless bridges.

Devices are usually only a few feet apart when tested this way. In this configuration what is typed on one terminal window appears on the other terminal window and you should see the corresponding TX and RX lights blink.

Datawave does have a support page, you can find that here: