Can't get multiple devices to talk when using Datawave Wireless RS485 Bridge

This is a simple and short Modbus over RS485 setup, so I’m not sure what I’m missing.
The setup works as expected when hardwired- It’s a Solar Inverter + Meter + Battery and it looks like:
All devices are on the same line, and the only device with a termination switch (the Inverter) has it “off”.
(termination settings of the Battery and Meter are unknown and unconfigurable)
The inverter UI correctly shows 2 other devices when everything is hardwired.

When putting the wireless bridges in place:
It “does not work”- more specifically:
If I configure the Inverter to only have one device (either the Battery, or the Meter), it works just fine talking to only that device.
If I configure the Inverter to have both devices (as required), the meter side of the network does not work.
I see the Inverter transmitting, its local bridge broadcasting, and I see the remote bridge receiving, but the meter flashes its own error codes.
Described as: “Flashing with yellow LED:mA possible address conflict (two devices with the same DIP switch address).
Check that the Device ID is set to 2 in the RS485 Conf screen.”
My understanding is that these bridges should be passive/transparent (is that not the case?) so there surely shouldn’t be any new Device ID conflicts introduced due to their usage.
My best guess here is that these bridges are in fact active repeaters, acting as their own endpoints on two RS485 lines, and there is a conflict in the numbering (as indicated by the meter error codes) but this seems not to be the case from the documentation? There seems to be no way to change this ID if it exists, so I’m out of ideas.
The fact that it all works as expected when completely hardwired, makes the issue point squarely at the bridges though…
Any ideas?

Hello @scosol, l am contacting Radio Bridge (now part of MultiTech) to get feedback on your issue. Will update you once I have more information.