Wireless RS485 Network


I have an RS485 network: a computer communicates with 16 control boards using a 2-wire rs485 bus. Can I move this to a wireless network with RS485 wireless nodes? What products might there be to help?


@wellems, what range do you need and what world region will this be located?

For example: https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=BB-ZP24D-250RM-SR

Datasheet: http://advdownload.advantech.com/productfile/PIS/BB-ZP9D-115RM-LR/Product%20-%20Datasheet/Zlinx-Wireless-Radio-Modems_3713ds20171129112515.pdf




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The short answer is yes; however, really depends on what you are willing to accept and what protocols you wish to use; for example if simply wanting to have a wifi node at each RS-485 board; there is things like Moxa boxes, which have the potential to translate from serial(RS-232/422/485) to …say TCP or UDP, pending if you want message acknowledgments or not.

First things first though, I would check the type of wireless you wish to use … i.e. Bluetooth, 802.11, or what is the distance from each board to the computer? this may help you decide what wireless protocol to review.


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October 29

If you’re looking for finished products they could take a look at https://www.digikey.com/short/j08jj8


It’s actually in a single room in Texas.


@wellems, for a single room in Texas, I was thinking something with more distance between nodes. So how about something simpler…

How many rs-485 connector pairs do you have? For 16 pairs i’m thinking something like:


plus an off the shelf WiFi Router?


Edit: actually copy the part number of the rs-485 variant…