RFDPA870900SBAB8G1 _ manufacturer address

We are doing FCC certification of our BLE module using RFDPA870900SBAB8G1 Antenna.
As per FCC requirement, I have to submit datasheet of antenna with manufacturer name and adress. Can you provide datasheet with manufacturer address?

Data Drawing

Manufactures main page

As per digikey website, this antenna has 2.4Ghz freq and datasheet said that it is for GPS 1.5GHz freq. Which one is correct? Can you add manufacturer address in datasheet?

Manufacturer addresses
Contact Walsin Technology | Walsin Technology (passivecomponent.com)


Also please refer to the manufacturer’s sited spec for the rated frequency values.

Hi Nathan,

Part number of antenna is not matched in datasheet. I am not able to find datasheet on manufacturer website.
WALSIN RFDPA870900SBAB8G1 antenna

I have also submitted a request to have the site updated.

Data-sheet at the below link.
Antenna | Walsin Technology (passivecomponent.com)

Are you able to find datasheet of “RFDPA870900SBAB8G1” from your given link? if yes, please send me pdf file and make sure antenna part number will match with datasheet.

I have submitted an inquiry to see if there is a version that would have that specific number listed.

PI_RFDPA870900SBAB8G1_V01(ok).pdf (919.4 KB)